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Our work ethics.



SHIFT is an independent training provider working within the Creative and Cultural Industries. Based in the Workstation, a hub of media companies and activity, SHIFT’s aim is to help student’s progress to where they want to be.


Often students may have an interest in creative subjects but may not have a clear idea about their future pathway into further education; apprenticeship or employment.


SHIFT works with students using personalised learning and a regular review. We help students come up with plan for developing their future and then we support and encourage them to monitor and track that plan so they know they are on track to achieve their aims.


Study Programmes at SHIFT


SHIFT delivers a suite of media related vocational training linked to functional and GCSE English and mathematics. In addition SHIFT delivers employability within personal development.  Study programmes are a curriculum which delivers personalised learning across vocational; functional skills and GCSE s and personal development.





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For students assessed as being at the right level for traineeships are an option. A traineeship is an extended work placement with an individual learning programme linking training to placement activity. This is for students who are fairly clear about where they want to work and who have the work discipline to maintain and extended work placement.