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Our work ethics.

Moving Forward With SHIFT





"SHIFT really helped me in my early career to see my own potential as a filmmaker and gave me the confidence to keep on making my own work.


A few years later I've made many successful short films and am now completing my first feature length documentary. SHIFT is a great place to give your filmmaking career a great start.”









Deb and crew


Debbie Howard, a former SHIFT Last Mile student is currently shooting her feature documentary Still Loved. Debbie participated in Last Mile some time ago and made a great little short which still has the power to move. This is what Debbie had to say about the Last Mile training:

SHIFT in Greece


Robson Jessop joined SHIFT’s Study Programme in September 2013.  Robson knew he wanted to train in Moving Image but wasn’t exactly sure of the pathway he wanted to take i.e. university or an apprenticeship.


At SHIFT Robson gained a Level 2 in Moving Image production. He also got the opportunity to work as a volunteer on the Social & Community Media for Inclusion and Employability testing workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece, in May 2014.  

The curriculum testing group had to research, shoot and edit a digital video over one-and-a-half-days.

(Left to right) Sound Recordist David Mitchell. DOP; Emma Dalesman.  Debbie Howard directs 'Still Loved'


As part of an international group the participants had to work as a team and get over language barriers quickly. Robson proved to be invaluable when editing to a very tight deadline.


On returning to Sheffield. Robson applied to Sheffield Hallam University and is now in his first year of digital media production.

Robson Jessop (centre) interviewing on the streets of Thessoloniki for the Social & Community Media for Inclusion and Employability workshop