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Do I get a bursary?

If you are in independent living or foster care you get a mandatory bursary to help you be in education.

We have a discretionary bursary fund that is based on household income. Bursary forms are given to all students at induction.

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Do I get homework?

You are required to do additional work linked to your qualification. As part of your vocational subject you are required to keep a blog.  You may also need to catch up on any work missed. Additional revision for English and maths may be required.

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Do I get six week off during summer like at school?

We offer work based learning, so you get 25 days per year similar to being in employment.  Those 25 days include Christmas and Easter break.

You do get study breaks for independent study that run alongside half-term school holidays. You can find more information here.

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Do I have contact with employers in the media and creative industries?

We have an rosta of industry speakers which happens over five weeks twice a year. This is valuable exposure to current industry practise and how people got their foot in the door early in their careers.

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Do I need to bring any equipment?

We encourage you to come prepared to work so having a pen is recommended and knowing how to put your phone on silent is advised so you are not disturbed by texts of calls during sessions. We want you to focus on learning.

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Do I need to study English and maths as part of my Study Programme?

If you missed out on getting a grade 4 at GCSE and got a 3 you will be required to study for GCSE. Those with less than grade 3 are required to do functional skills.

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How long does my Study Programme last?

Between 36-48 weeks. However you may complete and progress sooner than 36 weeks. We encourage positive progression.

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How long is my work experience?

Work experience is 60 hours. Which is equivalent to two full weeks in a work placement.

There are opportunities for students assessed as being ready to participate in High Quality Work Experience which comprises of 50 days in a work setting which is equivalent to 10 weeks full-time or part-time for up to six months.

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Is there a dress code?

We encourage students to dress appropriately for a modern work setting. Wearing outdoor clothing such as hats and gloves is discouraged. We recognise some students may need the security of these items. This is judged on an individual basis.

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What happens after my Study Programme?

Part of Study Programmes is three initial advice and guidance (IAG) interviews. From the start of your Study Programme we want you to be planning your next step in your career development.

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What if I have an appointment such as seeing my dentist during Study Programme time?

It is important that you participate fully in your Study Programme. We would therefore appreciate you making appointments at times other than when you should be at Shift Media.

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