As a work based learning provider we are keen to be part of developing the future workforce, because of this we work hard to develop strong relationships with employers.

What is our employer offer?

  • We offer short and long term work placement.
  • Work placements can be between two weeks to ten weeks.
  • Students work to personalised briefs.
  • Facilitate mutual target setting between student and employer.
  • Managing risk and health and safety assessment.
  • Ongoing support and responsive skills assessment for use in the workplace.
  • Assessed competencies for all students going on work placement.

Why work experience?

 “Leading employers value work experience among graduates more than the grades or the university they have been to, according to new research. Figures show that 58 per cent of employers rated work experience as “the most popular qualification among those presented”

(Independent, 2017)

How do you benefit?

  • Welcoming in a work experience student can help to support your brand values
  • Young people bring a whole new energy and perspective
  • You no longer have to second guess, you have direct access to what appeals to a younger audience
  • Work experience is a great recruitment strategy
  • There is no cost associated with work experience

Work Experience Options

  1. Two weeks work placement either over ten consecutive days or bespoke timeframe i.e. half a day per week for ten weeks
  2. High Quality Work Placement takes up to 50 days in the work place either over consecutive weeks or a number of days up to six months.

For more information about arranging a work placement please contact our IAG specialist Catherine Restarick 

Call 0114 272 6304