All vocational subjects are NCFE accredited, we offer: Animation, Graphic Design, Photography, Moving Image, ICT and Game Design.

The qualification specifications focus on critical thinking by presenting students with the kind of problem solving that  they might encounter when working to a client brief.

Student work is graded according to standardised criteria and is marked by a pass, merit or distinction grading. Based on their initial assessment and regular review of progress individual students can decide the level of attainment they desire and the amount of work they are prepared to do in order to achieve that outcome.


Certificate in Creative Media NCFE Level 2 (Animation pathway)

Animation is arguably one of the most creative forms of film making there can be. It is possible to do things in animation that are impossible in live action and that is why more and more blockbuster films are relying on CGI animations to carry their films. In this qualification students learn the fundamental principles of animation that carry through from the smallest short to the biggest budget film. Students will experiment with several different animation types before creating their very own animation from a story they conceived. Students will also be learning how to work within the industry by working to a professional brief to create a product for a client.

Graphic Design

Certificate in Creative Media NCFE Level 2 (Graphics pathway)

Graphics is a multi-purpose creative qualification that can be adapted into a range of media pathways. It provides an introduction to typefaces, colour schemes, and digital manipulation. Students will be provided with briefs from a client allowing them to manage and respond to a professional brief to an industry standard; through maintaining production schedules and pitching your designs. Students will learn a wide variety of graphic design from branding to illustration, allowing them to practice using digital software such as Photoshop.

Film & TV

Certificate in Creative Media NCFE Level 2 (Film & TV pathway)

For students who have always wondered what goes in to the making of their favourite films and television shows, Film & TV delves deep in to the production process, from the inception of an idea to the final cut. With a big focus on the directing, editing and sound; Film & TV is hands on practical approach to learning that will give students an understanding of what it is to make a film at all levels. Students will also learn how to work within the industry by working to a professional brief to create a product for a client.

Production (Film, Television and Radio)

BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Creative Digital Media

This two year level 3 BTEC gives you the opportunity to build an extensive portfolio in film at the same time as learning valuable skills that will help you find gainful employment. The course is the equivalent of three A levels which means it is a direct route to university. You will cover the planning, production and editing stages of film and television making as well as taking part in units that will give you skills such as research and marketing that are increasingly valuable in professional life. You will also try your hand at factual production, be that a documentary, news show or reality television; you have the freedom to choose. By the time you leave us you will have five completed moving image products as well as an extensive portfolio of scripts, storyboards and pre production documentation to carry forward as a portfolio.

Game Design

Certificate in Creative Media NCFE Level 2 (Game Design pathway)

This is for students who have a passion for playing games. In this qualification students will go through the whole process of making a game from initial ideas all the way to producing a playable 2D game. Students will create their own stories and artwork and then use a game engine to bring them all to life. Students get a taste for how the industry works by doing things like pitching game ideas and bug testing and fixing their game. You’ll also be learning how to work within the industry by working to a professional brief to create a product for a client.

IT Support

Technical Certificate in IT Support Pearson BTEC Level 2 (Technical pathway)

This is Shift Media’s newest qualification on offer. It is for students who want to start a career in IT support and provides an understanding of how information systems are used, together with the required technical knowledge in software and hardware to support a modern IT infrastructure.

Organisations need IT support to ensure that their digital products, services and systems work effectively and this qualification gives students an excellent opportunity to enter high growth sectors such as Cyber Security.

Photography, Level 1

Award in Photography NCFE Level 1

Before progressing on to level two, this qualification will give students the skill set and knowledge they need as well as invaluable experience with a camera. Students will learn the basics of using a camera on manual and begin looking at editing photographs in Photoshop. It will also give you the ability to talk about photographs in the correct way so that when you’re ready to do your level two you have the expertise to create a professional looking portfolio.

Photography, Level 2

Extended Certificate in Photography NCFE Level 2

Level 2 Extended Certificate in Photography will allow students to explore both the functions of a digital camera and the exploration of a range of themes and equipment. Students learn how to adapt to their surroundings and learn the different types of commercial photography to help lead into further education or employment. Photography is a practical hands on course; students will be leading and managing projects in order to meet a brief for a client. In the final unit, students will be creating and collecting finished pieces of photography to experiment with a range of ways to display work in order to create a professional looking portfolio.

Entry Requirements

Students must be 16-18 years of age. Students with EHC Plans can be 16-25 years of age. Students who missed out on getting an A-C grade in English and mathematics will be able to work towards gaining the grade at either GCSE or functional skills. The Creative Media courses require a good level of written and spoken English for students hoping to gain merit or distinction grades.

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