These Study Programme courses are NOT currently recruiting – see SHORT COURSES for alternatives that are recruiting. Shift Media delivers a suite of vocational qualifications with supported English and maths and personal development along with employability. The programme is designed to access pathways into employment; apprenticeships and or further/higher education.

As work based learning provision Study Programmes link directly to workforce. They are a curriculum framework which includes:

  1. A six week initial assessment
  2. Personalised learning plan based on initial assessment
  3. Vocational training in Film and TV; digital media and the creative industries
  4. Skills development in employability supported by specialist Information Advice and Guidance
  5. Two weeks work experience and  for those students assessed as ready, up to 6 months high quality work experience
  6. Supported maths and English where students have not achieved at school
  7. Personal and social development to help students become ready for the world of work
  8. Access to pastoral care and sign posting to external agencies where needed
  9. Shift Media also offers a quieter space for those students who prefer to work in smaller groups
Vocational Qualifications

Vocational Qualifications

All vocational subjects are NCFE accredited, we offer: Animation, Graphic Design, Photography, Moving Image, ICT and Game Design.

The qualification specifications focus on critical thinking by presenting students with the kind of problem solving that  they might encounter when working to a client brief.  

Student work is graded according to standardised criteria and is marked by a pass, merit or distinction grading. Based on their initial assessment and regular review of progress individual students can decide the level of attainment they desire and the amount of work they are prepared to do in order to achieve that outcome.


Employer Talks

Employer Talks

Employer talks at Shift Media happen on a regular basis. Students who have had contact with employers are more likely to understand the world of work and therefore are better placed to gain employment.

For this reason and as preparation for work experience and employment we invite specialist employers to talk to students about their industry and how they entered that industry. This is an opportunity for students to learn about the career journeys taken by industry professionals to succeed in their careers.

English and Maths

English and Maths

We champion English and maths as important to participating fully and inclusively in all aspects of modern life.  To speak, to read and to understand defines our ability to connect with one and other on a day-to-day basis. Everywhere we look mathematics influences our life and work from setting an alarm so we can get up in the morning to being able to understand depth of field in photography, or coding in game design. All rely on a command of both English and maths.

Being able to communicate and solve problems such as understanding instructions or budgeting are gateway qualifications to the world of work or further education. We deliver AQA GCSE and Edexcel functional English and maths. English and maths is available for those students who have not previously achieved in these important subject areas.  

For students who achieved level 3 GCSE it is a requirement that they sit GCSE aiming for level 4 and above.  For students who haven’t previously sat a GCSE functional English and maths is available from Entry through to level 2.

Personal Development

Personal Development

In all aspects of life but in particular employment or education, confidence and self-awareness are important to the development of a strong sense of self and agency. A sense of agency is important in being able to act and be in the world as an effective adult.

Personal development sessions are a regular part of the Study Programme curriculum.  Group sessions focus on contemporary themes such as democracy; equality and diversity; British values; difference and respecting others.  The group sessions encourage discussion and an exchange of ideas. Sessions support speaking and listening and contribute to our core values of kindness; resilience; self-discipline; honesty; courage and a general joy in life.

Group Personal Development sessions are supported on a one-to-one basis through SHIFT’s regular review system. Reviews are a safe space in which students can discuss with their personal tutor their progress and how that progress contributes to the direction of their future progression.

Work Experience

Work Experience

Our goal is to support students to enter the world of work and so work experience is a key part of the Study Programmes we offer.  They are a preparation for young adulthood and entering employment or entering further education to access a chosen career pathway. It is essential that students experience good quality work placement that offer a realistic range of work based activities and task to enable them to enjoy entering employment.

Work Placement

Employers are always looking for people who have workplace experience. As part of their Study Programme, students will complete 60 hours of work experience. Our Employer Engagement Officer matches students to opportunities. If students are not quite ready to enter an external work placement we work with employers to provide professional briefs that can be worked on internally.

We work to get all learners to a point where they are able to have an external work experience opportunity. Risk assessments, contracts and supervision are included. Each student works towards targets negotiated with their employer.

High Quality Work Placements

From September 2018 we will be offering students deemed to be ready longer work placement of up to six weeks full-time or up to six months on a part-time basis. The introduction of high quality work experience is in preparation for the introduction of the T-levels in 2020 with their focus on work place sills and competencies.

Shift Media students have experienced work placements with Doc Fest International Documentary Festival, Migration Matters Festival, CADS (Creative Arts Development Space), Rich Smith Illustrations, Prospects, British Tinnitus Association and many more local organisations and employers.

Individual Assessment

Individual Assessment

The first six weeks at Shift Media is an initial assessment period for us to work with students to assess what is the right course of study to develop their unique talent and abilities.

We pay attention to areas where students are strong and where they need to build skills and need additional help. For example, students could be vocationally strong but have a tendency not to get to places on time.

The initial assessment period helps students become aware of the breadth of the Study Programme curriculum and how it links to preparation for employment and finding a career pathway. An important aspect is also assessing English and maths so that they are at the right level to support the attainment of a level 2 qualification.

During this six week assessment period students become eligible to study for a Bronze Arts Award.

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